Robert Piatt

Rob began his musical career like so many internationally renowned singers, as head chorister at his local church, a role he took very seriously - maybe too seriously (like most middle management!). His voice didnít break until he was fourteen and a half, so was able to broaden his secular horizons and break into the world of musical theatre playing Lionel Bartís Oliver when just a lad 12, and the Mayor Munchkin a year later - some would say, the highlight of his career! Between then and now, heís also played grown-up characters like Lt. Cable (South Pacific), Curly (Oklahoma), Billy Bigelow (Carousel), The American (Chess), Frank (Merrily We Roll Along) and Frederic (Pirates of Penzance) to name just a few - we are talking over 25 years here, and heís been busy.

Robís performed in mainstream theatres across the South Coast, and in London's prestigious Royal Albert Hall, The Savoy Theatre and The Royal Festival Hall, touring with Hinge & Bracket and The Best of Broadway.

He owns and runs a fully equipped Mac-based digital recording studio, Now Look Hear,, to produce and arrange work for his own projects as well as local (and sometimes, not so local) artists.

As a composer, Rob trained at Sussex University in Classical composition and has been writing and arranging music for over 15 years, producing his own album ĎResolutioní and co-writing and producing many others. The musical The Promised Land co-written with Jasper Kent and Rob Star in 1996 was a landmark for Rob, as it was the first live performance of his work. However, heís since enjoyed this pleasure regularly, not least in having his song Forever performed in front of 5000 people and sung by a cast of over 200 in a local charity concert. A major part of his latter 20ís and early 30ís has been spent writing and producing another musical Remember! Remember! Also co-written with Jasper and Rob Ė so, go to the website (after this one), buy his CD (as well as First Night on Broadway) and read all about it Ė itís big!

Rob is married to the very lovely Dr Katie and has two wonderful and exuberant little boys, who between them keep him smiling and on his toes.

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