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We are the creative and technically minded Rob Piatt.

Rob PiattRob has been running the studio for well over 10 years. First, in a converted space in Hove – and now in the dedicated, acoustically treated rooms below his home in Shoreham-by-Sea. Initially running Cakewalk-Sonar on the Windows platform, he is now a fully-fledged Mac convert, boring anyone who cares to listen about his love of Apple’s Logic-Pro the “far superior” Digital Audio Workstation. He is unusual in having the ethic of actually buying all the software he uses.

His love of all things recorded, came about in the early 90’s when trying to capture the performance of his first composition. His writing partner, another Rob and our Rob went in search of the right studio – at the right cost. This involved visits to small flats and tiny rooms, with ‘vocal booths’ being a bathroom with a duvet! Eventually, the 2 Robs stumbled on a place in Brighton, run by an instantly likeable bloke called Mark (Smile Music).

Many albums later, and home computers finally had enough power to record audio into – however roughly – so Rob began experimenting with his trusty Windows 95 machine, with a whopping 16MB’s (that’s one-six) of RAM! After buying his first mic, followed shortly after by a voice channel, then reverb unit and small mixer – he was away and (he felt) no longer in need of a professional recording studio, as he now had one at home!

Well, of course, it doesn’t really happen that quickly – and, God knows, there is a steep learning curve and many ruined recordings to bridge before any signs of competency are formed.

Rob is now the first choice of recording for many artistes, with his invaluable experience in capturing your best performance

He is married to the very lovely Dr Katie and has two wonderful and exuberant little boys, who between them keep him smiling and on his toes.

Rob the Composer

Rob the Performer