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As a composer, Rob trained at Sussex University in Classical composition and has been writing and arranging music for over 15 years, producing his own albums and co-writing and producing many others.

The Promised Land

The musical The Promised Land co-written with Jasper Kent and Rob Starr in 1996 was a landmark for Rob, as it was the first live performance of his work. However, he’s since enjoyed this pleasure regularly, not least in having his song Forever performed in front of 5000 people and sung by a cast of over 200 in a local charity concert at The Brighton Centre.

Remember! Remember!

A major part of his latter 20’s and early 30’s has been spent writing and producing another musical Remember! Remember! Also co-written with Jasper and Rob – so, go to the website (after exhausting this one, obviously) and read all about it – it’s big!

When We Were Very Young
Another project he has been working on, is to set many of the poems from A.A.Milne’s When We Were Very Young to music. Rob plans to make this a stage production featuring tons of kids, a 50 piece orchestra, wonderful choreography and a lavish set…!

Rob won’t mind you knowing that he plays Guitar and Keyboards – badly.


a varied selection of examples:

1 Forever: The winning song from a contest of local writers. Not many entered, but the standard was high!


2 Morning People: A light-hearted pop song – catchy and fun.


3 At The Zoo: Part of the When We Were Very Young project.

4 Community@Brighton: A short commission for The University of Brighton’s online social network – yes, that’s Rob singing!


5 I Balli del Piccione: Haydn-esque string quartet… Well, a string quartet anyway, trying to sound a bit like Haydn – or Mozart – but not Piatt.


Rob the Performer