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Type Tramcar
Class F
Chassis Brill 21E
Motor Dick Kerr 50h.p.
Built 1936
Body B.C.T.D. O54D
Fleet 74
Chassis Number
Body Number
Status Withdrawn
Disposed 1939
Initial Disposal
Extra Information These cars were 29 feet long - 6 feet 6 inches wide had 'direct stairs' - vestibule windscreens and convex lower side panels. They were also fitted with roller bearings - smaller wheels and deeper upper deck panels. Chrome plating replaced the brass fittings.
Photo Caption Seen at the Upper Rock Gardens terminus of 'Q' route is replacement car 74 re-built to class F standards. It was barely three years old when the system closed. A southdown Motor Services Leyland Tiger with possibly Harrington body is seen in the background.
Alan Piatt Collection.

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