Brighton Corporation Transport

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Type Double Deck Motor Bus
Chassis Dennis Dominator DDA139
Engine Gardner 6LXB
Built 1981
Body East Lancs H50/33F built 1981
Fleet 42
Registration JSL 283X
Chassis Number 336
Body Number 1705
Status Sold
Disposed July 1991
Initial Disposal Chester BT
Extra Information This bus was acquired from Tayside Regional Transport who converted it from H50/32D and repainted it into BBT livery prior to delivery to Brighton.It was sold to Chester BT in July 1991. Withdrawn by Chester in November 1997, stripped for spares and scrapped by PVS (Dlr.), Barnsley in June 1999.
Photo Caption Seen by Mervyn Stedman Dominator no.42 is just emerging into New Church Road in January 1986. All the advert spaces were taken up with the Party Travel Promotion by Brighton Borough Transport.

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