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Type Single Deck Motor Bus
Chassis Renault Dodge S56 Turbo
Built 1987
Body Alexander AM Mk.II B23+6F built 1987
Fleet 62
Registration E462 CWV
Chassis Number JD219050
Body Number 44/887/3
Status Transferred
Disposed 20/5/97
Initial Disposal B&HB&C - Hove
Extra Information Delivered as E462 CNJ this bus ran in service prior to being re-registered. Received fleet number 362 in error then 302 - also in error - finally obtaining correct number 306 in the Brighton & Hove fleet it was withdrawn & sold to Lyas (Dlr.), Brentwood in August 1997 then to Rudd, Smethwick in September 1997. To Ryder, West Bromwich, Novemner 2000. To Wacton (Dlr.) Bromyard in April 2002 To Gavenny Bus, Abergavenny in October 2003 & back to Wacton in August 2004.
Photo Caption Former Brighton Buses Renault Dodge bread van 62 still had an identity crisis in the early days of B&H ownership - 62 on the side and 362 on the front bumper. Sister bread van 61 is seen alongside at Brighton Station. Alan Piatt photograph.

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