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Type Coach
Chassis Leyland Leopard PSU5c/4R
Engine Leyland O.680
Built 1979
Body Duple Dominant II GC57F built 1980
Fleet 99
Registration MNK 424V
Chassis Number 7904725
Body Number 035/5447
Status Transferred
Disposed 20/5/97
Initial Disposal B&HB&C - Hove
Extra Information This coach was new to Fox, Hayes and was acquired from Thamesdown Transport in February 1996 as a full time Driver Training Vehicle and part time Private Hire Vehicle. This coach was new to Fox, Hayes then to East Kent in May 1982. Acquired by Maidstone & District in May 1983 who passed it on to Hyndburn Transport, Accringtpn in February 1990. Rigby, Accrington bought it in December 1994 and passed it to Thamesdown Transport in 1995. It was not re-numbered in the B&H fleetbut withdrawn and sold to AD Coach Sales, Witheridge, Devon in October 1997. To Towler, Emneth, Norfolk in September 1998 who withdrew it in July 2001 sending it to Wigley (Dlr), Carlton in March 2002, Oh dear!
Photo Caption Mervyn Stedman photographed Leopard no.99 as the trainee driver managed to turn from Queen's Road into North Road, not an easy task at the best of times let alone when someone is pointing a camera at you.<br /><br />
Mervyn Stedman Collection.

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