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New vs Old

It’s been a while since I wrote a studio blog. I quite like writing, but it’s not important to me and I doubt whatever I say is important to anyone else either – However, my wife Katie is always doing it (whether she has an audience or not!) and thinks I should get on and […]

Recording with Shine On

Last week I had a good challenge.

Shine Theatre Group has a selection of children who perform with Mel Upton, and come from schools specialising in teaching kids with special needs. I, through my relationship with Shine, have known most of these kids for years and have watched them grow up from young, shy, entirely […]

Cheap Transport

How do I record myself?

Well, as I’ve got a vocal-booth, I tend to try and use it – especially as a mic and music stand (with light) are already set up nicely. I could set up another mic, right in front of my desktop and then press record and stop when necessary – But […]

New Toy

How can I get excited about an electrical gadget, 15 years-old? Well, since the very early days of me using other people’s studios, I’d seen DAT recorders, these slow moving tape machines, and spent a small fortune on the little tapes – not much bigger than camcorder Mini DV tapes (oh yeah, we don’t use […]

We’ve Arrived

Well, hello there. Thanks for popping in

I announced to a few friends that I was putting together my website about 6 months ago! It’s such a large undertaking that I lost motivation and did nothing on it until November when I really put my head down and got on with it – and finally, […]