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Do you have a song idea but need help to turn it into a real track? We can produce your track in many ways:

  • Build up a full mix from almost nothing i.e. A vocal line sung into a tape recorder
  • Take the bare bones of an idea and help mould it to what you want
  • Arrange/orchestrate (or rearrange/re-orchestrate) from a basic creation
  • Book musicians to play live or replace sampled instruments
  • Simply be there as a creative influence to encourage the songwriter to tick all the boxes

Here are a few examples of the kind of metamorphosis that happens after we’ve produced your song from a raw track – The beforemixed into theafter‘:

1 Christmas: This song started life as a ballad called “One Day”, here sung and played by Mel Upton, the co-writer. We recorded a version, but then re-visited the song a year later when the opportunity came about to use it as a Christmas song for charity. Here, you can see where the song ended up. We were fortunate enough to have the song performed live on GMTV on Christmas morning, with the wonderful kids from Shine Theatre Group.


2 Over Christmas: This was a much smaller affair, originating in a school performance sung by a different pupil. Rob had to strip the song down to the bones and build it back up again – keeping some of the hooks. Even years later, this song still stands up well against modern productions.


3 I Need You Here: After visiting the studios, Stephanie was inspired to write a song – but never having a day’s training, had no idea how to go about it. Her rough demo was recorded into her video camera (filming her feet!), as it was her only means of recording it. We don’t care – we’ll take anything.


We also mix and edit