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Editing & Mixing

Editing two or more tracks together can be complicated and time-consuming, but we have had years of experience in applying different techniques to create unique and inspiring mixes.


Time-stretching and beat matching are common tasks. Dramatic tempo changes without changing the pitch – or pitch changes without changing the tempo are also possible through using specialised, ground-breaking and cutting edge software, something only possible in recent years.


1 Desire: We mix many songs for dance competitions. Here is a good example of fairly straight forward mixing, but to good (+cheesy) effect.


2 Back Then: From Harrie Robinson’s Back Then EP (Available in iTunes). All elements of this classy pop song except the vocals and acoustic guitar were recorded on another studio. Rob had to time-stretch and pitch bend the drums and bass guitar, removing nasty noises and cleaning-up the sound – even replacing/adding drum samples to the kit to improve the sound. There was a serious timing discrepancy between the intro and the main song which up until the last minute remained, until Rob decided to match the tempo using Logic’s ‘Flex Edit’ function; and all was well. Harrie didn’t actually sing those harmonies – Rob sequenced them using Melodyne.


3 Big Difference: This short track incorporates many of the specialist treatments described above – mixing two, quite unlikely songs – Click to play: