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Now Look Hear studios can help with all your recording requirements; solo vocal, instrumental ensembles, choral work, or backing tracks etc.

We use the industry’s most powerful Mac Pro computer running the most up-to-date Logic Pro. Cutting-edge plugins from the likes of WavesFocusriteTC Electronic, Isotope, Steinberg and Celemony with software instruments from VSL, Synthology, Spectrasonics and FXpansion, to name but a few, as well as the array of high class plugins and instruments from the host application.

The best Mic Pre Amps and Compressors ever made - in one unit!

Signal chain runs from quality microphones by Neumann, Octava, Shure and Audio Technica to pre-amps by Focusrite and Joe Meek onto MOTU interfaces, ensuring the cleanest possible recordings.

Floorplanfloorplan – click to enlarge

All rooms have extensive acoustic panelling and the control room is further treated with the ARC System for reliable consistent mixes.

The ARC System - a mix saver

Vocal Booth
Capacity: up to 4 singers or 2 instrumentalists *
Width: 8″2″ (249 cm)
Length: 8’1″ (246 cm)
Height: 6’4″ (193 cm)
Reverberation Time: 0.2ms
Video link to control room: you can see us – we can’t see you.

Control Room/Live Room
Capacity: up to 6 singers or 4 instrumentalists **
Width: 8’1″ (246 cm)
Length: 15’6″ (473 cm)
Height: 6’4″ (193 cm)

Available Equipment:
Burman Pro 501 50W Valve Amp
Laney Linebacker 30W Bass AmpGuitarist
Line 6 guitar multi effects processor
Fatar 88 key, hammer-action studio controller keyboard
Ensoniq SQ1 synth workstation – Expanded
EMU Proteus 2000
EMU Virtuoso 2000
Fender Stratocaster electric guitar
Takamine EG360C semi-acoustic guitar
Washburn D10N acoustic guitar
Aria Pro II Bass Guitar
various traditional and ethnic percussion
Tascam ATR-60 analogue 8 track (reel-to-reel)
Fostex FD8 digital 8-track
Denon DN-T620 Tape/CD player
Tascam DA-3- mkII DAT recorder
Tascam MD-301 mkII Minidisc Recorder

Tascam 8-track: ATR-60. Vintage!HMV

Some varied examples of the type of recordings we specialise in
Click to play:

1 Only Hope – Sophie Griffiths: Two tracks – one for multiple vocal takes (compiled into a best performance) and one for a single stereo backing track. Not everybody can sing to Sophie’s standards (hardly any in fact!), but it’s very easy to get a great recording from a single session at the studio – and don’t forget, there’s always Auto-Tune.


2 Really Saying Something – Doo Wop Dolls: Three girl acapella vocal group, sung multiple takes into three spaced mics ‘live’ and a mix of the takes was then edited for the master. This was more time-consuming than a regular ‘comp’ as each take was following that last; forcing a fair bit of tricky lining-up to do to get the best bits. Tempos and even pitch were very slightly different as there was no reference to sing to.


3 Concerto for 2 MandolinesManduetto: Again, like the Doo Wop Dolls, Rosie and Trevor had to play this ditty several times, and then a simple case of cutting and pasting the best bits was done to create the best mix. Each instrument was close mic-ed and another ambient mic was added from around four feet.


4 I’m Really Really Terribly SorryThe Will: Four piece band – Drums were recorded live with 7 mics whilst Bass Guitar was DI’d. Acoustic Guitar was then over dubbed in stereo and double-tracked, along with Keyboard and Fender Strat was close mic’d through the Burman Amp – Then it was just a question of recording Lead and Backing Vocals. All this took around 4 hours. Processing, mixing and mastering took… well, let’s just say, a little longer!


5 Patti’s SongBill Griffiths: Beautifully played Classical guitar into two spaced
mics, followed by overdubbing slide on a resonator guitar – Both tracks only took one take! There’s not a lot more to say!


6 Grace KellyGraham Millar: Pub singer extraordinaire Graham sung 23 takes of this, singing each phrase two or three times. The comped vocal was then split into verse, bridge and chorus and each given a different set of processes. Here is a great example of the excellent quality backing tracks that are available these days. Recorded, comped, processed, mixed and mastered in around three hours. You can’t get THAT at Abbey Road!


7 Shoreham AllstarsWookie Weekend: 4 bands from ‘the Allstars‘ came into the studio for the weekend, each of which recorded the drums and bass, with guide lead guitar and vocals live and then overdubbed lead, layered and rhythm guitars lead and backing vocals and keyboards.


8 Great ArtistsTim Marlow with Phil Grabsky and Philip Rance: An audio book originally read by Phil Grabsky. Phil usually sat for 4 hour sessions and read from really small type on sheets of A4 paper. Quite a feat considering he usually recorded a radio interview during the same session.


9 The Lost Temple of JavaJanet Lawrence: Another audio book (available on iTunes) written by Phil Grabsky. Janet usually sat for 2 hours, which was enough time to record one chapter. There are 14 – you do the math. Janet was incredible with pronunciations (having been assistant with the early Great Artists recordings), and with a background with many languages, it was essential with this and other educational material.



Oscar is In(to) The Woods – click to play:

Solo violin recording:

Rob, at his Beastly best:

Mr Swing:

On location recording services are also available.

For a special event for a budding popstar, we can also provide “recording parties“.

* The vocal booth is large for 1 adult singer and a mic – 2 or 3 adults are comfortable but it can easily accommodate 4 or more children (we’ve had a party of eight in there!). A couple of guitarists, string, wind or brass players have ample room too – or 1 drummer!

** Thanks to the ultra quiet environment, the control room is also a very good recording space, so can fit as many (or more) as the vocal booth. Due to there being only 2 isolated spaces in total, there may be a necessity to over dub.