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Location Recording

Conducting a choral sessionRecording at a venue other than the recording studio is sometimes unavoidable – sometimes you may want a concert, show or live gig recorded – or you may have an orchestra, choir or band that simply won’t fit into the studio. On these occasions we will bring suitable equipment to your venue – be it concert hall, church hall or shed – and set up with minimal fuss.

We’re happy to arrange a recce to organise where mics, power and mixers etc should go. We’ll get to the venue at the earliest opportunity on the day and when finished, clear everything out as quickly as possible.

Mixing and mastering can be quite lengthy for this sort of complex work, but we’ll try and get a finished master out within a week.

First Night ensemble recordingxOverheads, stereo and piano mics_Rob in the driving seat

Here are a few examples of the kind of recordings we’ve made outside of the studio:

1 Proud: This is a song used on the wonderful Shine Theatre Groups second album ‘Dilogy’. Although it was recorded along with a backing track, the logistics of getting all the singers to the studio at the same time was a nightmare, so Rob pottered along to their rehearsal hall with his kit and recorded them all at the same time – leaving the mammoth mixing task for the studio!


2 Transport Medley: Here are First Night making a live performance (but without an audience) at The Old Market concert hall in Hove. We set up an SM58 mic for each of the singers and a stereo pair of AKG414‘s for the piano, and off we went – capturing the full performance, but choosing the best from several takes.


3 Credo: This is taken from the Original Studio recording of Remember! Remember! Although most of the songs were done in the studio – a singer at-a-time, over-dubbing as we could get each in – this song, as well as all the other ‘full company’ numbers had the ensemble singing together as a choir in a church hall to give a more consistent production.


4 Under the Sea: This quaint little number is from a joint annual school concert – this time at Lancing College Chapel. Unlike the other examples, this recording was taken whilst the audience were present – the recording being not part of the performance. So we had to set up, during the rehearsal and hope that the levels would be consistent through the concert – not having an opportunity to correct or redo anything. Quite nail-biting!


Windlesham School recording5 The Jubilee Song: Recorded in a small school hall, using ALL 200 kids from Windlesham Primary, ranging in age from 4 to 12. The song writer Gaynor Gallant conducted each year group of about 30/45 children, having the backing track piped into her headphones. The kids had a small wedge monitor playing a very low level backing track with click, which was just enough for them to keep in tune and time, but without spoiling the recordings. We used close M/S mics, a spaced pair and a distant mono mic for the recordings, so the track count soon added up. Rob did the string, brass and tuned percussion arrangements after the vocal recordings and then mixed all 44 tracks with the music. Quite epic, all-in-all.


The Jubilee Song’s 44 vocal tracks
Jubilee Song 44 Vocal Tracks