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How about getting a few mates over and recording yourselves jamming, having a laugh or maybe even making a serious multi-track song. A typical party includes 2 hours studio time and subsequent editing necessary to make a great sounding recording, plus artwork and up to 8 copies of the disc.

We can accommodate up to 6 adults or 8 children and we’ll provide a final, mastered CD, with artwork as a memento.

_gr8 label_Plenty of room for four

Every party is different, so feel free to call and we’ll talk about how we can make yours unique.

A small selection including some great improvised fun bits: Often, the Birthday Boy/Girl will bring friends who don’t want to sing – but in all cases, we manage to get a line or two out of the unwilling participant. Despite their protests, they are always grateful and glad they did it. What a souvenir?!

1 The Tide Is High – Blondie/Atomic Kitten (But mostly Blondie!):


2 We’re All In This Together – Highschool Musical:


3. We Go Together – Grease: Worth listening right to the end as this turned-out to be rather controlled chaos!