We’ve Arrived

Well, hello there. Thanks for popping in

I announced to a few friends that I was putting together my website about 6 months ago! It’s such a large undertaking that I lost motivation and did nothing on it until November when I really put my head down and got on with it – and finally, it’s here – we’ve arrived.

I’ve been really busy in the studio and on stage lately. I don’t know what’s happened as it was fairly quiet for most of last year – just a comfortable trickle of work, leaving me enough time to continue on my own work – but this is good, and I’ve enjoyed working with some real talent and with quite different projects.

Anyway, I hope you have a good look around – you may find something ‘we’ do useful.

Feel free to comment…


Rob x

1 comment to We’ve Arrived

  • Andrew

    Hey Rob

    Great site! If I had an ounce of musical talent, Nowlookhear would be the obvious place to go to record my genius for posterity.

    Wishing you every success.


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